Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are, as the name suggests, a door that is rolled up and stored above the opening. Opening and closing vertically, these doors increase the usable space both inside and outside the garage, and have no tracks in the top off the garage.

Roller Garage Door

There are 3 main types of Roller Garage Door

  • Single skinned, continuous steel curtain
  • Aluminium slat, optional insulation
  • Single skinned, steel slat

Construction Material

  • Galvanised steel
  • Aluminium
Roller Doors
WM Shutters Micro Roll (52mm) power operated insulated roller shutter in Golden Oak


  • No tracks in the garage
  • Very secure
  • Full drive through clearance
  • Made to measure
  • Vertical opening and closing
  • Optional insulation


  • More headroom is required

Finish Options

  • Steel doors are normally galvanised and Plastisol coated, and do not require further finishing.
  • Large selection of colours available
  • Timber effect


  • Pinstripe
  • Ribbed

Manufacturers of quality Roller doors

We supply and install DRS roller doors.

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