Identify Your Garage Door Type

With the help of the animated diagrams and descriptions you can hopefully identify the type of garage door you have, and from this go on to find which type of door is the right one for you.

Once you have determined which door best suits your needs, click on the link to go to see more about that door type.


Canopy Garage DoorCanopy Garage Door 

Traditionally the most common, and cheapest type of garage door used in this country. In the open position, approx 1/3rd of the door panel is left outside the garage forming a canopy – hence the name.



Retractable Garage Door

Retractable Garage Door

From the outside this door looks like a canopy door, but works differently. Using a horizontal track in the top of the garage, and an arm up the side of the door, the door opens outwards then fully retracts into the garage when open.


Sctional Garage DoorSectional Garage Door

Using a number of panels, normally 4, connected by hinges, this door opens vertically without swinging out and comes to rest in the open position on a horizontal track in the top part of the garage.



Roller Garage DoorRoller Garage Door

Using either a single piece of flexible steel, or a number of slim panels linked together to form a curtain, that opens vertically and is stored in the top of the garage.

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