Canopy Garage Doors

Canopy Garage DoorCanopy garage doors are the most common type of door found in this country. Approximately 1/3rd of the door swings out of the garage whilst the door is opening coming to rest in the top of the opening with that 1/3rd of the door outside the garage and the remaining 2/3rds inside. All this is done without the use of any horizontal tracks.

Construction Material

  • Normally galvanised steel
  • Timber
  • GRP


  • No tracks in the garage
  • Full drive through clearance
  • Lowest price configuration


  • Do not lend themselves to automation
  • Can prove unreliable if not operated correctly
  • Not weatherproof

Finish Options

  • Steel doors are normally powder coated in white or brown as standard, and do not require further finishing
  • Timber doors are immersed in a preservative and require finishing prior to and immediately after installation
  • GRP doors require no finishing
  • Timber effect


  • Georgian raised panel
  • Pinstripe or ribbed
  • Flush

Manufacturers of quality canopy garage doors

Hormann, Wessex

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